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Free shipping on all orders

SlayRx sports nutrition was developed to meet the personalized fuel, energy, hydration, and recovery needs of all types of athletes—using the highest quality and most effective ingredients available. Gentler on the stomach, faster to absorb and hydrate, more customized, and easier to use on-the-go, SlayRx products are here to help you reach your full potential.


Shop SparkPlug Energy

SlayRx’s SparkPlug is a sweet combination of slow-release caffeine and electrolytes. It’s designed to carry with you and take a little at a time as needed. The fun part? It crackles in your mouth just like your favorite popping candy you ate as a kid.


What is your ideal Hydrate electrolyte level?

SlayRx Hydrate comes in 3 different sodium concentrations: 2X, 4X and 6X . Take our online quiz to estimate which will work best for your body.

Shop SlayRx Hydrate

SlayRx’s hypotonic formula is designed to rehydrate your body faster than carbohydrate-heavy sports drinks. Easy on the stomach and balanced for YOUR electrolyte needs.

Shop Hydrate Lite

Working out less than an hour? Watching your Carbohydrate intake? SlayRx Hydrate Lite gives you the same ideal electrolyte levels you need without the sugar. Keto-Friendly!

Shop SlayWell

SlayWell is an Immune-Boosting, Keto-friendly electrolyte blend in a delicious Mango Pineapple flavor. Get the Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc your body needs to help your immune system work its best, while hydrating without added sugar. 


Shop Diesel Endurance Fuel

SlayRx’s Diesel All-In-One Endurance Fuel is designed to power you through your longest workouts. Easy to digest, even when you’re working hard. You can ditch the bars and gels. Diesel has all the endurance nutrition you need to Slay the day.


Shop SlayRx Recovery

SlayRx Recovery is a clean, simple protein powder. It packs a whopping 26 grams of whey protein in each 110 calorie serving.  

SlayRx Bundles

Shop Our Sampler Bundles

Hearing all the rave reviews about SlayRx but not sure what to try? SlayRx is proud to offer you a taste of our flagship all natural performance hydration + amino packed endurance fuel + energy activating electrolyte products. There’s a reason scientists developed these products. Try us out.

SlayRx Gear

Shop Our Gear

Look awesome. Keep your SlayRx cold. We have the gear you need.

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