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Caffeine Cutback: Is it worth it? By Wicked Courtney – SlayRx

What? Caffeine cutback? Are you crazy!

I recently finished IMMD on September 28, 2019. A month out from the race my beloved Coach suggested I cutback coffee and caffeinated anything. I laughed. I am a coffee junkie. No way that’s happening.

I thought about it and would really wanted the extra boost race day. This was my second IM. I remember that sluggish feeling during the first. Decided to give it a try and went cold turkey. No cold brewed about a month out. Not gonna lie it was rough. Headaches, blah feeling for a couple days but eventually I adjusted.

I tried to stay caffeine free mostly for that month leading up. Had a cup on the weekend but not nearly the pot a day I normally had. No joke.

Race day came and I was pretty calm and ready. I do think my race morning jitters were more calm without that caffeine first thing. I did steal a few sips of Coach Slayer’s coffee before hitting the water. He knows, give the junkie a fix before hitting the water! I was calm, heart rate low and steady. I managed to swim my way to a 15 minute swim PR from last year.

I fueled primarily with SlayRX Diesel on the bike. I prefer liquid nutrition with all my electrolyte needs filled too. I had two bottles on the back of my bike filled with Diesel Plus, the caffeinated fuel version. I started these bottles at about mile 65…right after I flatted twice on the bike. That’s another story that left me feeling flat emotionally so the Diesel Plus was a nice pick me up.

On the run I did have the aide station Coke along the way and supplemented that some caffeinated energy gum about mid way through. Unfortunately the skin on my feet decided to melt off and slowed me down. I was definitely alert and hit no “wall” though.

I definitely feel the cutback before helped my body feel more of the pick me up we all need during long course when I started taking it in.

Will I torture myself and cutback again next season before my races? Without a doubt.