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Intermediate Half Marathon Training Plan – SlayRx

Once you’ve experienced the thrill of completing your first 13.1 mile race, you may decide you need a new challenge to keep the distance exciting. If you have a little running experience and are ready to set a new PR in the half marathon, this is your plan. Whereas most beginner plans will mainly focus on building up your mileage to survive 13.1 miles, this plan will actually take you slightly beyond race distance on your longest runs (up to 15 miles). You will also have speed work days where you develop and maintain your desired race pace.


– w/u means warmup and is usually very chill

– c/d means cool down and it is usually to shake out the hard work and get your heart rate down before you leave the run.

– Hills means manageable hills in the sense that most runners could get them without having to go to a walk.

You should always be cleared by your doctor for this kind of training. You should already be running around 20 miles per week and a long run of about 8-9 miles consistently when you start this plan.

To get your training paces, you should have recently ran a repeatable course for a 5k, 8k or 10k that mimics your race course. Warm up for a mile or so then have a go!

Take that time and enter into the online Jack Daniel smart project pace calculator. Then go to race time estimates and use those when I tell you to hit a pace. For example, there will be an estimated half marathon (HM) time and corresponding pace. If it says to run HM pace + :10 that means the pace you are estimated to race a half marathon plus ten seconds (so 10 seconds slower).

You can edit your training paces based on the effort on during Week 9. I use the words effort and pace interchangeably. Try to figure out what effort corresponds with each race pace from 5k to 10k to 13.1 to 26.2 so you can adjust your efforts accordingly if you forget your paces for training. Don’t get too caught up in the details. Do the work as best as you can to prepare and enjoy the journey! #TrustTheProcess

21 Rules to the SlayRx Intermediate Half Marathon Training Plan

1. This plan has a mix of systems trained to stay healthy and consistent

2. Don’t ever run the day after the longest run of the week. You can move things around to suit your schedule.

3. Cross training should be more upper body and core then legs. Think swimming or easy spinning more than leg day at the weightlifting gym.

4. You can break a long run into two runs separated by 4-6 hours on occasion but not regularly.

5. Practice in what you intend to race when possible as far as shoes and clothing.

6. You are best off with a GPS watch that shows pace per lap as one of the windows you watch.

7. A heart rate strap is not needed. This plan is designed for perceived effort and pace. 

8. If you are running hills or on windy days, go by the perceived effort not the pace. 

9. Early on in the plan, take the sweat quiz online or go for sweat testing and electrolyte loss testing at SlayRx Headquarters or similar place and get a hydration and fuel plan that you can practice until you are confident in it.

10. Likewise, scratch out a fuel plan starting from the day before and practice that on long run days. SlayRx Diesel and Diesel Plus (has caffeine) and SparkPlug are great options! 

11. Treadmills are fine but should not be overutilized unless necessary

12. Rotate shoes if possible and find ones that are comfortable and that you love to run in.

13. Don’t add in extra runs if possible.

14. This is not a walk-run plan. However, progressively faster walking is encouraged on off days and can be used prior to warmup or instead of warmup. 

15. Find a dynamic stretching routine that you can integrate in before most runs if time permits. There are great resources on youtube.

16. Make sure to not overdo things in the final 2 weeks! Stay off your legs.

17. Visualize your race day whenever possible and have it come out in different ways so you can know how to cope for various outcomes.

18. Some easier weeks are included in the plan where you can catch up a little and “soak up the fitness, while reducing fatigue.”

19. Stay away from sick people and wash your hands a lot before race week.

20. Keep wetwipes with you wherever you go. Make sure you have ID.

21.  Race day will start the day before with your early dinner and sleep. Try to mimic that on the long runs.  

SlayRx Intermediate Half Marathon Training Plan

Email Slayer@SlayRx.com if you have any questions. I welcome feedback, positive or negative provided it is constructive. Good luck as you do your job!