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Why Should You Sweat Test?

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Your Sweat is as unique as your Fingerprint.

Sodium concentration and sweat rate analysis tests are necessary to determine these numbers in order to dial in your needs based on the different environments you train and compete in. At SlayRX we use the term TEST DON’T GUESS. We can simulate specific outdoor environmental factors such as heat and humidity inside our testing labs to each client learn what their body needs to perform their best.

What is Sodium Analysis Testing?

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Sodium (Na) Analysis Testing is a procedure in where SlayRX collects your sweat and analyzes it to find the quantity per liter. This process requires your sweat samples to be analyzed through our special sodium testing device. Once your samples have been analyzed for results the number will be combined with your sweat rate/fluid loss per hour and body weight to calculate your individual results.


What Do My Results Mean?

Sodium Concentration x Sweat Rate ranges

Sodium concentration ranges in individuals from as low as 230mg, up to as high as 2300mg per liter of sweat. The amount of fluid lost per hour, or sweat rate is also individual based on your physiology, environmental factors such as temperature and humid, and how adapted you are to them. HIGH concentration with HIGH fluid loss, or maybe even LOW concentration with MEDIUM loss. Each person is unique, which is why at SlayRX labs we put your through our designed sweat test to determine where you fall in the scale of both concentration and loss in order to prescribe the best SlayRX hydration blend for your replenishment needs.

Why Are Electrolytes Important?

Water is not enough to replace fluid loss.

Electrolytes are involved in many essential processes in your body. They play a role in conducting nervous impulses, contracting muscles, keeping you hydrated and regulating your body’s pH levels. Therefore, you need to get an adequate number of electrolytes from your diet to keep your body functioning as it should. When you train and race your body loses both fluids and electrolytes. The rate at which you lose is based on your physiological make-up, environmental factors such as temperature and humidity, and how adapted you are to them. They must be replaced for your body to rehydrate, hold onto the fluid, and maintain efficient functioning during stress. Drinking water alone is not enough to replace fluid loss. Electrolytes are necessary to increase your body’s retention of fluid and can do this by up to 25% more than plain water. In addition, they help with avoiding dehydration and maintain your performance levels.

Sodium is the main electrolyte lost when you sweat. At SlayRX we’ve designed three levels of hydration blends which include the necessary sodium amount based on where individuals fall in the low, medium, and high scale. Other electrolytes commonly lost in sweat are potassium and magnesium. SlayRX blends target these two essential minerals as well to replenish losses that occur in sweat.

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